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Accounting Services for Professionals

Based in Lagos, Adegbite Adeyemo & Co. offers a wide range of accountancy, bookkeeping and financial advisory services for professionals of all kinds. We are solicitors accountants, professional accountants for architects and provide financial services for doctors, IT consultants and surveyors among other sorts of professionals. Our experience as accountants for engineers is also highly rated among our professional clients because we understand the nature of the businesses involved.

As you should expect of any accountancy firm providing professional services, we are fully accredited with the Institute of Financial Accountants. That said, any sole trader operating in a profession should also be aware that we are members of the Personal Finance Authority. After all, personal and professional finances can be blurred when you work for yourself, so expertise in both areas is highly beneficial.

At Adegbite Adeyemo & Co., we are knowledgable in company formations, completing limited company accounts and capital allowances, all aspects that frequently come up within the remit of professional services. As consultant accountants, we are also well-versed with VAT and business insurance. As many people who work under the auspices of professional bodies will know, professional indemnities are often a big outgoing for sole traders and smaller professional firms, an area we can offer advice in.

One of the factors that marks us out from other accountancy companies is our multi-sector experience. We have the know-how to arrange your professional finances in a manner that will allow for future success and growth. Whether you are seeking management reports or commercial financial services that help to sort out your tax issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.