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Law Accounting Services

There are alot of legal firms plying their trade in Nigeria, from sole traders to some extremely large partnerships. Whether large or small, finding a law firm accountant who understands the legal profession is highly advisable. This is because law accountants often need to have specialist knowledge of the way legal professionals earn their fees and conduct their business. After all, solicitors and barristers operate in certain ways that members of other professions simply don't. Because Adegbite Adeyemo & Co. has the necessary experience in the legal profession, you can turn to us with complete confidence.

Based in Lagos, we believe that no law accountant can offer the same level of attention to detail or friendly professionalism that Adegbite Adeyemo & Co. consistently provides. We have experience in every area of financial advice from LLP / partnership accounts to tax efficient investments. Whatever your requirements as a legal firm, we think you will be pleased that you turned to an accountancy firm with the necessary know-how to meet all of your requirements.

At Adegbite Adeyemo & Co., we are are professional team of law firm accountants who are easy to talk to and deal with. Furthermore, we keep our prices as competitive as possible so that you can be assured of an efficient service that not only delivers but does so without causing unnecessary expenditure. We are accredited by the Institute of Financial Accountants and the Federation of Tax Advisers among other regulatory bodies.

If you are a legal professional or the financial director of a legal firm, then why not give us a call to discuss your needs? We are ready to go and, as an award-winning business, we think we are the only legal accountants you will ever need.